Publications using psychonetrics

This page contains a list of publications that make use of the psychonetrics package. Please contact us if you like to include a paper on this list.

  • Kan, K-J., de Jonge, H., van der Maas, H.L.J., Levine, S.Z., & Epskamp, S. (2020). How to Compare Psychometric Factor and Network Models. Journal of Intelligence 8(4), 35. (link)
  • Isvoranu, A-M., Epskamp, S., & Cheung, M. Network Models of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: A Meta-analysis. (pre-print)
  • Epskamp, S. Isvoranu, A-M. & Cheung, W.-L. Meta-analytic Gaussian Network Aggregation. (pre-print)
  • Epskamp, S. Psychometric network models from time-series and panel data. (2020) Psychometrika. (pre-printjournal)