The psychonetrics version can be installed from CRAN in the regular way:


Next, psychonetrics and dplyr can be loaded as follows:


Note that at the time of writing this is version 0.3.2. To install version 0.3.3 (the only difference is that the prune function will remove auto-regressions as well), or if you have trouble installing from CRAN with the above code, you can download the Windows binary file here and the Mac binary file here. These are compressed archives, do not uncompress them. Instead, run the following code and select the .zip or .tgz file:

install.packages(file.choose(), type = "binary", repos = NULL)

The developmental (latest) version of the package can be installed with the following codes:


This requires developmental tools to be installed, such as RTools for windows or clang for Mac. It is also recommended to install the dplyr package some useful functions, such as the magrittr pipe operator.