The psychonetrics lab is a lab group at the Department of Psychological Methods, University of Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Studies. This lab is supported by the NWO Veni grant number 016-195-261. The lab group focusses on several topics:

  • The development of the psychonetrics software package, as well as several other software packages.
  • Network modeling, including:
    • Estimation of network models and their accuracy
    • Network based adaptive assessment
    • Relationships between network modeling and psychometric models
    • Utility of network models
  • Dynamical systems modeling of adverse behavior, such as:
    • Substance use
    • Polarization
  • Integration of novel statistical and mathematical methods in clinical practice

Current members of the psychonetrics lab are:

  • Staff
  • PhD students
    • Julian Burger
    • Ria Hoekstra
  • Master students
    • Jill de Ron
    • Adam Finneman
    • Fabio Melis
    • Myrthe Veenman
    • Iris de Vries
    • Paolo Alessandro Alì