The psychonetrics lab is a lab group at the Department of Psychological Methods, University of Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Studies and the Centre for Urban Mental Health. This lab is supported by the NWO (Veni grant number 016-195-261) and the Amsterdam Centre for Urban Mental Health, and works closely with several collaborators.

The lab group focuses on several topics:

  • The development of the psychonetrics software package, as well as several other software packages.
  • Network modeling, including:
    • Estimation of network models and their accuracy
    • Network based adaptive assessment
    • Relationships between network modeling and psychometric models
    • Utility of network models
  • Dynamical systems modeling of adverse behavior, such as:
    • Substance use
    • Polarization
  • Integration of novel statistical and mathematical methods in clinical practice

Current members of the psychonetrics lab are:

  • Staff
  • PhD students
    • Julian Burger
    • Ria Hoekstra
    • Adam Finneman
    • Maarten van den Ende
    • Alessandra Mansueto
  • Collaborators
    • Myrthe Veenman
    • Jill de Ron
    • Omid Ebrahimi
    • Nora Skjerdingstad
  • (previous) students
    • Fabio Melis
    • Iris de Vries
    • Paolo Alessandro Alì
    • Edita Chvojkova